My Future Wife

That young woman asleep in the armchair
is my future wife
soft thighs underneath her skirt
the faraway neck,
her eyes move behind the eyelids,
she does not know that she loves me,
how the burning flowers
are soon going to awaken her up
with their scent


2 thoughts on “My Future Wife

  1. This is a beautiful poem, the imagery is wonderful…I wish I was able to read the other poems, especially the ones set in Australia (Glebe, Tamarama,Eukalyptus) as this is where i live.

    Poetry is a great source of inspiration….and expression
    Liza Paizis

  2. Thanks, Liza, I appreciate it! I’m translating some of my poems into English from time to time, maybe I’ll get around to doing the ones on the Sydney suburbs as well…

    Poetry is an inspiration – as are the people and the places you visit, and Sydney and Sydneysiders have a lasting place in my heart.

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