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Markus Jääskeläinen (b. 1969) is a Finnish poet and translator living in Australia.

Jääskeläinen has published numerous collections of poetry in his native language Finnish, and his poetry has been translated into major European languages, including English, Spanish, French and German.

In addition to writing poetry and translating books, Jääskeläinen has worked as a literary critic, columnist and travel writer.

Jääskeläinen has studied English, literature, religion and creative writing at Turku University in Finland.

Markus Jääskeläinen

Poetry Collections published by Markus Jääskeläinen

Lentokala. (The Flying Fish) Otava, 2008.
Valmis. (Ready) Otava, 2004.
Tässä hetkessä, varoittamatta.
(In This Moment, Without A Warning) Otava, 2001.
Testamentti. (The Testament) Otava, 1998.
Siemen. (The Seed) Otava, 1996.
Kunnes muuta näen. (Until I See Otherwise) Otava, 1994.
Vanhat laulut, nimettömät eläimet. (Old Songs, Nameless Animals)
(Together with Tommi Parkko) Nihil Interit, 1994.

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  1. Hi Markus,

    sorry to bother, but I cannot reach you via e-mail. Could you send me a message to my address; I have some news for you.

    Greetings from Turku,


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